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In addition to being practical, our chairs and barstools can help set the mood you envision for a particular living space.


A cosy armchair with velvet upholstery instantly adds a homely feel to a room – be it the bedroom, lounge room, or study.


And whether you’re after traditional or modern dining chairs, our wide range caters to every personal style and budget: from classic wooden legs and backings and velvet upholstery, to contemporary stainless steel legs and PU leather upholstery. Our dining chairs predominantly come in neutrals that work with an already-established space, rather than against it. Or if you’re after a pop of colour, the ruby red Houston Dining Chair immediately adds life to a room.


Another option is the barstool, a compact and stylish seat for the kitchen counter, island tables, and outdoor dining areas. Barstools are a great way to create a new dining space, instantly turning the kitchen counter into a breakfast bar or casual dinner ‘table’.


Whether you’re after an armchair, dining chairs or barstools, our countless seating options add style, character and comfort to every space in the home.

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