5 Reasons Why Decorating Your Ceilings Can Enhance Your Home

Have you considered your ceilings lately? Well, the time has come! Our ceilings tend to be the last thing we take into account when designing a new space or redecorating an existing home, but the value of styling your ceilings can have far reaching effects throughout the property. 

Anyone reading this from home should take a glance upwards. What do you see? The chances are you’re staring at a plain white ceiling, with no distinguishable design attributes to speak of. But what if your ceiling was like a 5th wall, with inspiring and oftentimes fun interior design details…

Learn more about the value of decorative ceiling lights in Perth, and how considered lighting can transform your home and enhance its atmosphere.

The joy decorative ceiling lights in Perth can bring

Choosing to decorate your ceilings can bring a lot to the table, with quality lighting and ambience the ideal enhancement from your new and exciting decorative fixtures. From classic styles to chic on-trend styles, there is a wide selection of design approaches to choose from to suit your home and personal taste.

One of the main advantages of decorating your ceilings is how much fun and energy it brings to a space, with added intrigue at the top of the room enhancing joy for residents and visitors alike. While fantastic interior fashion is of course a serious business, it should also be a light-hearted endeavour that serves to bring you joy and contentment when in your house - and nothing oozes satisfaction more than a well-styled ceiling!

1. Create a focal point to bolster your style

When you enter a room, your eyes tend to explore the space by following any visual pathways and take in the detail of each zone present. Open place spaces and rooms with high ceilings can sometimes struggle to have defined zones that make the area hard to visually digest, causing interior styles and design features to go unnoticed.

Incorporating a ceiling is a great way to create a higher focal point, drawing eyes upwards before moving around the room. As well as your dream decorative lighting enhancing your chosen design style, it creates a sense of cohesion and balance - a dynamic due in interior design.

Beautiful and visually strong focal points can be found in the square Rosco and Samuel 9 CTC styles. Those who prefer a more glamorous lighting fixture will appreciate the beauty and allure of the Ruby Gold and Regina CTC designs; bringing old world charm firmly into the contemporary interior style world. 

2. Enhance the architecture

Older homes with architectural details can really benefit from decorative ceiling lights in Perth. The light and attention brought upwards by affective lighting allows these stunning details to stand out and highlight their beauty; homes with vintage crown moulding, vaulted roofs, or coffered ceilings benefit greatly from attention being drawn their way. 

Similarly, a beautifully designed contemporary home with chic details like wooden beams, wood ceilings, or contrasting colour schemes can all be enhanced by decorative ceiling features. 

A key tip for those looking to liven up a space is combining a brightening light fixture like the Knox 6 CTC with a painted pathway from floor to ceiling for an intensive style uplift that brings symmetry and balance. 

3. Introduce intimacy

High ceilings are a truly powerful interior design addition, making a space feel larger and more impactful. While the drama provided by a large space can feel chic, no one wants to live every day in a home completely lacking in cosiness. Introducing a decorative ceiling in Perth is a fantastic way to enhance the intimacy of a space, or to make a specific room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Intimacy in homes is often done through the addition of interesting wallpaper and luscious pieces of furniture, which use texture, colour and pattern to make a room feel cosier and more homely. However, overuse of patterns and busy design schemes can make a space feel overwhelming, but the use of chic decorative light tones down this drama and makes the room in question feel more cohesive, through plenty of warm brightness.

The glamorous vintage feel of the Fleur design is perfect for those with a classic interior ensign style, and the layered height of the Zola 3 light CTC would be ideal for chic, contemporary home, or any space crying out for clean, understated features. 

4. Mask an awkward ceiling

From oddly laid out roofs to small rooms with very high ceilings, there are many reasons why the 5th wall in the space feels like a hindrance, ratchet then a bonus. Rather than leave it plain white or try to distract from it with vividly patterned wallpaper, let chic decorative ceiling lights in Perth enhance the space and make it feel united.

Any imperfect ceilings or awkwardly shaped rooms will feel cohesive with the introduction of complementary ceiling lights. The perfect example comes in the form of the Emily CTC design, which introduces a unique format with a glamorous edge, filling the space and creating plenty of welcoming atmosphere. 

5. Compliment that colour scheme

Whether you want to add intrigue to a clean white room, or are looking to introduce more light to a darker space, the use of decorative lighting features is a highly effective way to cater to and complement your chosen colour scheme. 

Too often the ceiling is overlooked as a design element, but lights like the Maple Gold and Melville CTC work to complement the space, and show a well-planned design with a united colour scheme. 

A great tip is to choose a favourite piece of art or an item of furniture and work the colour scheme around their core tones, allowing tour decorative ceiling fixtures to enhance its beauty and complement its colours. Consider using lights with enhanced colour for your decorative ceiling in Perth, like the modern Titan 4 Square design. 

Install a stunning enhanced decorative ceiling in Perth

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