5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Calming Oasis

If kitchens are the heart of the home, then your bedroom is the soul. Creating a warm, inviting space for yourself to recuperate and rejuvenate each night is important for your overall well-being, allowing you to have the fantastic sleep you deserve each and every night. 

Nothing beats coming home after a long day to a luxurious and relaxing bedroom, especially when those days have been spent dealing with the stresses that come with everyday life. An investment in your room through quality bedroom furniture in Perth is like investing in your own well-being, giving you the space to relax and recover from the busy modern world we live in. 

Here are a few helpful tips to assist in creating the calming, comfortable oasis of a bedroom you truly deserve. 

Benefits of a calm bedroom

Before diving into the exciting world of stunning bedroom furniture available from Hollywood Interiors, let's pause and consider exactly why a soothing bedroom is so important. In this technology-led era of social media (and Netflix!), it can be difficult to switch off from the daily stresses and ongoing pressures of modern-day living.

Creating a soothing bedroom to retire to each night is a long-term investment in your well-being, providing you with a welcoming space for you to relax, refresh, and refuel for the days ahead. Your room is a personal space and should reflect your unique taste and individual preferences, so creating a beautiful bedroom for you to enjoy should be an exciting and fulfilling mission. 

Consider colour!

Why not start with one of the most exciting parts of designing your dream bedroom, and think about what colour scheme would best enhance the space. The use of colour is a powerful tool, with the ability to set the mood of a bedroom, as well as an entire home!

Taking into account your own personal interior design taste and preferences, carefully consider how you want your room to feel each day, and night. Many people opt for making their room feel serene and airy, using plenty of whites and neutral tones to create a space that feels open, and larger than it really is. 

Darker tones like navy or deep blues work to create the feel of a tranquil retreat, perfect for cozy nights and deep sleep. Pops of colour can then be used as accents, adding complimentary energising elements into a darker space.


Before choosing your ideal bed and bed frames in Perth, try to declutter as much as possible. This will open up the room and available floor space, allowing you to see exactly what you’re working with. 

Take advantage of your newfound square footage, and invest in additional storage space to keep your bedroom organised and free of clutter. From chests of drawers and blanket boxes, to dressing tables and nightstands, there are plenty of stunning options with practical storage space to enhance your room and keep it tidy. 

Key pieces of furniture can work as both attractive decorative elements and useful additions to your bedroom, fulfilling two goals at once. 

Add a touch of luxury

It's important to create an inviting bedroom in which you truly want to spend time in, as this is the room you have complete free reign over, to create the exact look and feel that you desire. While practical elements are important, luxurious touches bring a room together, while making you feel great along the way.

The glamourous Donna bed frame is a swoon-worthy addition to any bedroom, offering a heavenly space to both admire and sleep in each day. A chic matching or complimentary bedside table is the perfect way to complete the styling of your bedroom furniture in Perth, adding touches of luxury through mirrored, diamante, or quality wooden finishes.

If you have the space, it is worth considering incorporating a King size bed into your bedroom. Styles like the gorgeous Parisian bed frame will not only provide ample space for a fantastic sleep, each design acts as a long-term investment, holding up in quality and comfort for years to come. 

Opt for quality bed frames in Perth

The bed is the core of your room, providing both a warm place to retire and an invaluable source of comfort through each night’s all-important undisturbed sleep. Stylish beds like the Monique king size bed frame and Tiffany queen size bed frame provide incredible luxury and comfort, each made from premium materials that will look and feel superb for many years to come.

Contemporary styles like the Bianca Modern bed frame are perfect for those with a taste for subtle style, and bedrooms where calming, muted colour palettes are at play. The stunning Grace bed frame suits any impressive room, where space isn’t an issue, allowing it to become a welcoming haven of a centrepiece.

Find a reputable furniture supplier

In order to wisely invest your money in quality bedroom furniture and excellent bed frames in Perth, it's important to work with an experienced supplier. Dedicated interior decor providers like Hollywood Interiors offer premium furniture at competitive prices while operating as proven reliable providers of quality goods made from durable materials and expert design approaches.

From stunning mirrors and chic side tables - perfect for holding plants and attractive decorative elements to complete your chosen interior design look - Hollywood Interiors supplies an extensive range of premium home decor and furniture that you won’t find elsewhere.

Choose premium bedroom furniture in Perth

Hollywood Interiors are leading suppliers of unique, gorgeous home furniture and decor to the people of Perth. With an ethos of both style and quality, we pride ourselves in offering only top-quality designs made by expert craftsmen, where longevity of use is considered just as much as stunning visual appeal.

Browse our extensive collection of original and luxurious bed frames online today, as well as beautiful bedside tables, dressers and chests. Better yet, discover our fabulous range in person – we have three showrooms conveniently located across Perth. Whether it’s our Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga store, there’s a Hollywood Interiors location near you!