A Dining Table to Suit You

A gorgeous dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll likely ever buy. As well as bringing stunning visual appeal to one of the key rooms in your house, this table will likely be used multiple times on a daily basis, making solid design and complimentary aesthetics a must.

One of the best tips for investing in the right table for you is opting for quality materials, with premium finishes capable of transforming a room and bringing long lasting balance and practicality to your home. 

Read on to discover how best to choose from a wide range of beautiful dining tables Perth, finding the perfect option for your unique specifications and requirements. 

The beauty of a great dining table

Whether you live with a big family or a small group of friends, the right dining table can become the core of the home. A suitable table should bring the house together, whether it's for enjoying delicious meals, doing homework or study, socialising in the evening, or entertaining large groups of friends on the weekend.

With so many stunning dining sets available in Perth , it can feel overwhelming deciding on the perfect one. It’s important to consider the table’s primary use and follow this helpful guide to clarify which details are important to match your existing home aesthetic. 

What shape should it be?

The room in which the dining table will be placed should dictate the shape. While you may have your heart set on a long, rectangular style like the stunning Monique dining table, this is only a practical option if you can be sure it fits comfortably in your dining room.

Rectangular shapes are a common choice due to their appealing symmetry and practical ability to sit multiple people. If you have a smaller space, there are plenty of smaller styles, such as the Kody dining table available for cosier dining rooms.

Those with smaller rooms or various dining spaces for more intimate gatherings might be tempted to purchase a round dining table in Perth, like the luxurious Marissa Round Marble dining table, complete with a chic rotating centre. The smooth lines and attractive curves make this a visually appealing choice, helping you to achieve a stylish dining space with plenty of room.

The importance of size

Once you have narrowed down the ideal shape for your dining table in Perth, it's time to determine the right size. Purchasing a table that’s too large for your room will not only make the area feel overcrowded but will also prevent people comfortably moving their chairs backward.

Be sure to measure both the room and the table and ensure that there is enough of a gap left between the furniture and walls. While this is important, don’t be tempted to buy a very small table ‘just in case’, as a table that’s too small can look awkward and be drowned by the space of a bigger room.

Those who live alone or only entertain occasionally will appreciate the subtle style of the round Richardson Marble dining table, or the glass Jaxon round table; each compact enough to work in any space without forgoing style.

Anyone with plenty of space will love a statement piece, like the Kennedy dining table. With room for both large and medium sized parties, it offers impressive style credit as well as functional appeal.

Find your own style

With so many beautiful, luxurious dining sets available in Perth, it can be difficult to settle on one that emulates your personal style. A key tip is to consider the surrounding furniture and design details, so you can choose a table with the materials and finishes that will complement the existing aesthetic. 

Eye-catching designs like the black and white Lorenzo dining table are worthy investments for the right home, where it will complement the surrounding chic decor and act as a swoon-worthy style statement.

Those who prefer a contemporary look with muted tones, and quality natural materials, will love the Loren Marble Topped table with wooden legs, or the Tiffany dining table that displays a beautiful wood finish to complement the surrounding space. 

Remember, while certain details need to be adhered to, like size and quality of materials, your personal style is a deservedly unique outlook. Follow your heart and choose the epic dining table of your dreams!

Choosing chairs

From long rectangular styles to chic round dining tables in Perth, finding the right chairs to match your table is an important step in the process. A straightforward option is to look at the coordinated styles recommended by Hollywood Interiors, offering various matching sets as well as a wide range of perfectly suited chairs to accompany your new dining table. 

If you’re a fan of the electric modern design style you may wish to mix and match, choosing a handsomely curated set of different chairs to add interesting detail into the space. Remember to consider exactly how many chairs you are likely to need, bearing in mind the occasions where a larger group may need to be seated around your long or round dining table in Perth.

If you are struggling to determine just how many chairs you’ll need, why not consider a table that extends when large groups are visiting, such as the Manhattan Marble dining table. This way you can opt for the chairs required for daily life but also have additional matching seats to procure whenever the time (or cocktail!) calls for them. 

Inviting dining tables Perth

From luxurious style statements to chic contemporary styles, Hollywood interiors has an extensive selection of stunning dining sets in Perth, sure to satisfy your unique taste. Each dining table has been hand-picked for the range, with a focus on original designs unlike anything found elsewhere in Perth.

Whether you’re tempted by funky metal designs like the Monet rectangular table, or love the glamorous impact of the Giorgio dining table, the exclusive styles found in our impressive range will remain chic and functional for years to come.

Take a look at our broad range online now, or get in touch to discuss any queries you might have about our stunning dining collection. Better yet, discover our fabulous range in person – we have three showrooms conveniently located across Perth. Whether it’s our Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga store, there’s a Hollywood Interiors location near you!