Choose the best & most comfortable leather lounges of 2022

There’s no denying the timeless style and ultimate comfort offered by a premium leather sofa. When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, finding a plush sofa that entices you to sit down and sink in has to be at the top of the priority list, and nothing says relaxation and luxury like quality leather lounges in Perth.

From chic modern designs to vintage-inspired looks, leather sofas bring an upscale sense of style combined with a classic look that works for an existing interior design style. The best options combine high-quality materials with contemporary design; read on to discover how to choose the perfect leather lounge for your home.

The value of a great sofa

Deciding on the right sofa for your home is an important decision, as their longevity makes them a valuable investment. Comfortable lounge sets are undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces of furniture in a home, so regardless of which style of leather sofas in Perth you end up choosing, they’re guaranteed to get plenty of use!

Whether you love spending quality family time together in the living room or enjoy entertaining friends and having movie nights at your home, a great sofa becomes the comfortable centrepiece, bringing inviting warmth to any space. 

Find quality leather sofas in Perth

When searching for the right leather sofa to work for your house, finding quality materials is key. Genuine leather acts as a durable casing for seating and can withstand years of use with minimal wear and tear. Authentic leather, used here on the Anderson Leather Lounge Suite, has a natural grain with uneven texture and groove, and it’s advised to go for tough grain leather able to endure heavy usage.

Those looking for leather alternatives can rely on quality leather-look sofas from Hollywood Interiors, such as the Sarah Leather-Air Lounge Suite, where sleek, soft fabric creates an impressive leather imitation without forgoing strength.

Choose a complimentary colour

One of the key ways to make sure your plush new leather sofas fit seamlessly into your home is opting for colours complementary to the existing space. Given the larger size and prominent placement of the majority of quality leather lounges in Perth, it’s vital they harmonise visually with the rest of the space.

Neutral or earthy tones tend to suit most design styles, with colours like brown, tan, or cream providing soft fusion without dividing a room, like the sleek Ashton sofa set. On the other end of the spectrum, bolder colours like dark charcoal and black can bring emphasis and drama to any space, through eye-catching styles such as the Anderson Curved Leather Theatre Lounge.

Opt for timeless appeal

When made by design experts from quality materials, quality leather lounges in Perth can last for a long time. This durable build, combined with a classic look, makes them an appealing choice, offering timeless allure that can withstand decades of fashion changes.

Those favouring old-world charm and a comfortable look will appreciate styles like the Shelley Two-Seater Sofa, offering a vintage look in a contemporary package. Those preferring a clean-cut, modern look can’t go wrong with the sleek Hedland Leatherette Modular lounge; a prime example of the chic, understated options available from Hollywood Interiors that offer timeless appeal. 

Pick an optimal size

As well as style, colour, and materials, it's important to take practical details into consideration. There are two main aspects to decide; what size sofa will work for the space you have, and what its primary function will be. 

Measure the room and determine what size lounge would fit and whether you prefer a corner piece of multiple sofas. Cosier rooms often work better with multiple seats placed in different sections, like the Candice 3PC Lounge Suite.

Anyone with a large family or a penchant for entertaining will appreciate the ample seating provided by styles such as the Ronson Leather-Aire Corner Lounge Suite, offering plenty of room for multiple people to sit comfortably. 

Comfort is key

Let's be honest, the main reason to choose premium leather sofas in Perth for your home is comfort! From nights spent in, curled up with friends on the sofa, to epic Netflix Marathons with the kids at weekends, a snug, inviting sofa is essential.

Sofa sets with recliners tend to become the most sought-after seat in the house, like the inviting Valencia Leather and PVC Modular Suite. Those looking for a singular style with added leg-room will love the Geneva Leather Seater with Ottoman.

Make a long term investment

When shopping around for your perfect leather lounges, bear in mind this is an investment in your home, and quality of life. While it can be tempting to choose bargain designs, it will likely come back to bite you, with tears and fading quickly appearing on cheaper products.

Quality leather is long-lasting and easy to maintain, with a wipeable surface and tough materials designed to withstand years of use - from spilled drinks to boisterous pets! Finding a premium style that suits your family’s needs, like the plush Lovato Lounge Suite, while complementing your interior design style, is a long-term investment that won't go out of style. 

The importance of buying from luxury experts

Opting to shop with proven experts in luxury and interiors makes all the difference, as quality is guaranteed with each purchase. Hollywood Interiors focuses on premium homeware products that are a cut above the rest, allowing you to rest assured that your dream leather sofas in Perth will retain their stunning look for a long time.

From sleek, modern styles like the Shepperton Leather Lounge Suite, to classic designs that ooze comfort and family time such as the Winchester Corner Lounge Suite, our impressive range of unique sofas has something for everyone. 

Stunning leather lounges in Perth

Hollywood Interiors are leading suppliers of top-quality furniture and homewares to the people of Perth, focusing on stunning aesthetics and premium materials. 

Contact us today to discuss any custom requirements or queries, or browse our extensive range of quality leather lounges online today.