First Home Buyers' Guide to Buying Furniture

Buying a new home is an exciting time, especially if it's a first-time purchase. The potential you can see when looking around your new house, with blank walls and empty rooms, can be exhilarating but daunting. However, furnishing a fresh space gives you the opportunity to select pieces you love that also flow well together.

Whether you’re feeling intimidated by the task of finding the perfect furniture for your new home or are looking for helpful tips to get the job done well, the following guide contains all you need to know about making your new dream house a home. 

Read on to learn how to best accomplish this task right the first time around, and why finding a reliable furniture store in Perth is key to finding stunning, quality pieces.

Why invest in quality furniture?

Having the chance to completely decorate an empty space is an interior design enthusiasts dream. Starting with a clean space gives you the opportunity to create the home of your dreams, without clunky or mismatched pieces of furniture to interrupt a stunning design aesthetic. 

It's important to furnish your home with durable pieces that won’t deteriorate, fade, or go out of fashion within a year; opting to invest in premium designs means gaining a beautiful interior style made to last. The following tips can help you build a home that suits both your personal tastes and practical requirements, enabling your interior design vision to come to life exactly how you pictured it!

Proper planning

Before we get into those all-important design details, it's worth taking the time to reflect on which space to focus on first. Planning an attractive interior home style can mean going room by room and deciding on must-haves, helping to clarify your budget and which areas take priority. Take stock of what you need, and take photos of each space to help visualise what the outcome will look like. 

Once you find a quality furniture store in Malaga, Cockburn or Osborne Park that supplies the stylish, well-made designs you're looking for, it’s easier to plan ahead and select the best pieces for your home without feeling overwhelmed. 

Maximising your space

It can be tempting to completely decorate each room at once, but it's best to start off small and select key pieces for each room. This will allow you to best layout each area, taking measurements and ensuring your beautiful new furniture fits and feels in the space. 

Once you’ve decided on your core investment pieces you can purchase additional furniture and decor items to compliment your design direction. A key tip to maximising your space from the start is taking storage into account, with chic designs like the Kanan TV Unit offering both style and functionality. 

Getting inspired 

Doing some research and finding real world examples is a great way to bring your vision to life. Looking through magazines, blogs, and online furniture stores is a fantastic way to get both creative inspiration and practical ideas for how to choose the right furniture for your specific tastes and requirements. 

Think about colour, fabrics, and the silhouettes of the furniture as you browse, saving those ideas that reflect your chosen interior design style and colour scheme. While it can be really inspiring to look at current trends, keep in mind quality contemporary pieces have the ability to last for years, without falling out of fashion. 

Shop efficiently online

The internet has brought the world many gifts, and online shopping is definitely up there with the best! The ability to browse a wide range of stunning pieces from the comfort of your home not only saves you time, but allows you to find the perfect luxury furnishings and quality furniture without any pressure.

Leading suppliers of premium furniture here in Perth like Hollywood Interiors showcase an impressive range of furniture on their website, allowing you to purchase everything you need from one place. Choosing a reputable furniture and decor store means you can choose matching or complimentary pieces that work cohesively, pulling together your design vision simply by adding items to your virtual cart.

Invest in quality for your bedroom

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or unsure how to start buying furniture for your new home, focus on the bedroom. We spend so much time in our beds, as well as store many of our belongings in the space, that it makes sense to invest in durable pieces you’ll love to come home to. 

From beautiful designs like the detailed Onyx Dresser with drawers, to comfortable beds like the luxurious Grace Bed Frame, it's only logical to splurge a bit on your bedroom, creating that inviting, relaxing space we all need after a long day at work. Research a quality furniture store in Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga and find that dream bed, ensuring you have that all-important great sleep every single night. 

Choose durable materials 

While the market may seem flush with endless options for beautiful furniture, the unfortunate reality is a lot of those pieces are simply not well constructed. Unless you choose quality designs made from durable materials, you risk having to buy new pieces again next year. 

From coffee tables to modular lounges, the key pieces of furniture in our homes tend to get the most use. Investing in well-made designs from a reputable furniture store in Cockburn, Malaga or Osborne Park means gaining furniture built to withstand wear and tear, and retain their glamorous sheen over time. 

Choose a trusted furniture store in Perth

Finding the best furniture store in Osborne Park, Cockburn or Malaga is the ultimate way to furnish your home with stunning, original pieces you won’t find elsewhere in Perth. Hollywood Interiors work hard to deliver only premium designs and unique pieces of furniture to our valued customers, and are proud to be known for both quality and innovative style. 

Whether you’re searching elegant lighting, furniture of excellence, for those glamorous final touches to complete your home decor, you can find it all online now or in our expansive furniture stores in Malaga, Cockburn and Osborne Park.

Prime furniture from Hollywood Interiors

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