How to Choose a Sofa: An Expert Guide to Buying Right

So, you’re looking for a new sofa. The process is as easy as a quick visit to your local furniture store, right? Unfortunately, not. No matter how beautiful the furniture you’re browsing may be, buying a sofa without first clarifying some important details can result in significant inconvenience, and costs down the line. 

Without proper preparation, you risk being stuck with a sofa that does not suit with your existing decor, that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or simply does not fit in the designated room.

Fortunately, there is no need to stress! The following guide outlines the important factors to consider before opening that browser and discovering Hollywood Interiors' enticing selection of sofas.

Clarify your design aesthetic

The first step in most exciting furniture decisions is determining which style of interior design you wish to emulate. From art deco inspired and mid-century modern styles, to baroque and cool contemporary designs, there are a plethora of design styles to work with.

Whether you’re looking for heavy inspiration or complementary materials, it's worth taking the time to clarify your desired aesthetic to create a cohesive style that works throughout your entire home. Consider the existing style of the space, and choose from our lounges in Perth  to fit that theme. From colours and materials, to sizing and finishes, every detail counts. It can be tempting to choose the first sofa that catches your eye, but over time, an ill-fitting lounge will feel out of place in your home. 

Where is it going to be used?

This point is especially important. While all sofas may be selected with the primary goal of having a comfortable place to sit, it’s vital to take its core purpose and typical user into account.

If you are redecorating a casual family room, where a range of people go to hang out, watch television and eat snacks, then a large, cushy sofa is your best choice. Styles like the Alberto Corner Lounge provide ample room for families of all sizes, with multiple seats and added recliners for supreme comfort. 

Those designed for a formal sitting room will likely have differing goals, where chic style and cohesive colours take priority. Stunning designs like the Shelly Two Seater Sofa work incredibly well for socialising, bringing chic relaxation with an eye-catching luxurious finish. 

Choose the size, and depth

One step you absolutely cannot skip is measuring the room that your new sofa will call home. It’s vital to ensure that the lounge can fit in the room (i.e., make it through the door), as well as fit comfortably in the fully styled room, with surrounding furniture and additional decorative elements.

While there are plenty of attractive sofas in Perth , buying one that is too big will dominate the room will be dominated by the lounge, with no room for even a coffee table. Accidentally going for a sofa that’s too small could result in it becoming dwarfed by empty space, accompanying furniture, or both. 

Measurements should include the sofa depth, as this has an impact on how well the lounge will fit in the room, and whether it aptly seats anyone who sits in it. Shallow lounges can be uncomfortable, and while very deep sofas are great for reclining, they’re not practical for shorter people.

Don’t forget the height

Whether your chosen sofa has a high or low back can greatly impact the room it's in, especially if it is placed across a room, as opposed to beside a wall or corner. Many stunning sectionals, like the Fairmont Fabric Modular Lounge, need to be placed with one section jutting across the room. 

This makes it important to consider whether the sofa height works for the space. Larger rooms with high ceilings can easily accommodate taller designs, but many spaces benefit from lower styles that don’t cramp the layout, allowing you to look around the room without visual interruptions. 

One instance where high backed lounges can be useful is for neck support, where the sofa is placed against a wall and the sofa back works as comfortable means to rest on while relaxing or watching tv. The Montana Modular lounge is an adaptable style that offers both - a lower back with the option of raised head-rests whenever required. 

Does it work with your coffee table?

As well as the overall height, don’t forget to think about whether the sofa’s seat height works well with your existing coffee table. This is an easy element to overlook, but an essential one for continued ease of use throughout your daily life.

Sofas with low seat heights (typically under 40cm) are not just more challenging to get out of but can also make it difficult to use your coffee table comfortably. Lounges that are a bit higher make it easy for people of all ages and mobilities to use them; just make sure your current table is not dwarfed by its height. 

If you have your heart set on a lounge set that doesn’t work with the surrounding tables and furniture, why not browse Hollywood Interiors extensive range of stunning coffee tables. This broad selection offers a style and design to suit all tastes. 

Considering cushions

Choosing the right sofa means finding the best cushions for the job. As well as adding to the chosen aesthetic, cushions can add or remove valuable depth to the sofa, making your life a lot more comfortable when chosen correctly.

Depending on your choice of lounges in Perth, a deep sofa can benefit from big cushions, offering additional luxury as well as adding support to make it easier for smaller people to easily use the sofa.

Superior sofas Perth

Choosing the right sofa is not just about the lounge itself, but about bringing together the entire room it is in. When it comes to looking at the bigger picture, Hollywood Interiors are experts at combining stunning design with practical functionality, offering beautiful pieces of furniture that are perfect for long term use. 

Browse our impressive range of quality lounges in Perth. Better yet, discover our fabulous range in person – we have three showrooms conveniently located across Perth. Whether it’s our Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga store, there’s a Hollywood Interiors location near you!