How to choose the right modern furniture for your bedroom


When you ask someone what their favourite room in their house is, the answer is almost always the bedroom! While shared spaces like the kitchen can be fun and social areas, your bedroom is a personal space where you can be yourself. 

The best thing about a bedroom is being able to design it yourself, and having complete control over which bedroom furniture in Perth to style it with. Your private room should be a reflection of your personality, giving you good energy to unwind and reboot after a long day. Great bedroom furniture should be comfortable, stylish, yet practical. Read on for tips on how to choose the best modern pieces for your room.

Finding your design style

Deciding on the look of your space is the first step to choosing new pieces of Perth bedroom furniture. For a modern design that reflects contemporary design, while oozing calm, why not consider gorgeous white furniture and accessories. Everyone's style is unique, but a classic tone like white or cream creates an inviting space, regardless of design. 

One often-forgotten component of bedroom furniture are bed frames Perth, and thanks to their minimal space requirements yet statement designs they can transform a bedroom from boring to beautiful!

Utilising the space you have

Another important factor to consider is the size of your bedroom, and what it might be used for. Those with partners, kids, or plenty of relatives might consider choosing a sleek, simple style that can work in future should it be used for a different purpose.

Whether you have a cosy space or an epically large room, storage is a vital element. Choosing beautiful yet practical bedroom furniture Perth frees up your existing space, while hiding clutter and all of those clothes you have somehow collected! The art deco inspired Liberty white six drawer chest is a stunning option that boasts modern style while adding extra space. 

Quality over quantity

When it comes to choosing premium bedroom furniture from the unique range at Hollywood Interiors, it’s best to think of it as an investment. Piling up cheap bits and bobs will only clutter your beloved bedroom, with no long term benefits. 

By carefully selecting quality pieces of bedroom furniture Perth you can ensure a gorgeous space that you won't want to leave, all while avoiding costly unnecessary purchases. It's worthwhile to know your needs, and spend a bit more on high-quality, long-lasting furniture like a beautiful Perth bed frame.

Luxury bedroom furniture Perth

Creating your dream modern bedroom is easier than you think, with the contemporary range from Hollywood Interiors offering sublime, unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else in WA. 

With chic styles created to withstand ever-changing fashion trends, we have something to suit all interior design styles. Browse our range of modern bedroom furniture Perth, and find the best sleek-yet-partial option for your space. For more information about our contemporary decor, lighting, or furniture, don't hesitate to get in touch today.