How to Pick Out the Right Dining Chair

There’s no denying that interior design is an evolved art form. The ongoing development of furniture design and expansion of style ‘rules’ that incorporate inspiration from popular fashions of bygone eras has led to an exciting time, where finding your own personal taste is the real style goal.

As exciting as it is to have traditional style tactics, from opposing colour schemes to mixing glamorous and traditional looks together, it can make it a lot harder to choose from the wide range of stunning furniture pieces available today.

Finding the right dining chairs in Perth is no different. Whether you’ve just picked out your dream dining room table (congratulations!) or are looking to revamp your current interior aesthetics, choosing the perfect set of chairs to complete your home can be overwhelming

The following guide outlines exactly what to consider when browsing the superb range of quality dining chairs from Hollywood Interiors. 

Find a matching aesthetic

Looking for the right style of dining chairs in Malaga is a great place to start in your exciting home decor journey. Depending on your existing aesthetic, you might be looking for matching chairs for a new table or considering a mismatched look to further your interior design vision.

Regardless of your personal taste, it's worth thinking about what seat shape you would like, as well as design details such as leg shape and colour. While uncoordinated furniture can be appealing, the chairs will still need to match - round seats won’t work well with a rectangular table, but square chairs can be adapted to most dining table designs, like the chic Aspen dining chair

Choose a colour that compliments the surrounding space. It does not necessarily need to match, but a coordinating colour scheme does wonders for bringing a room together.

Measure the dimensions 

When finding the perfect set of dining chairs, it’s imperative to ensure that they will fit your space. Some traditional styles of chairs come with arms, so it's crucial to measure the space between the table and chair to clarify whether they will fit seamlessly underneath.

Both the size and height of the chairs’ seats are important. The ideal seat size, to comfortably fit most people, is around 43-55cm. This takes into account larger bottoms, as well as anyone who may appreciate extra space, such as elderly relatives. 

The ideal seat height to look for when browsing our stunning dining chairs in O'Connor is typically 40-45cm, but it's vital to measure the height of your table and clarify how much distance you need from seat to table - opt for styles providing around a 30cm gap for ultimate ease of use. Neglecting to do so can make for uncomfortable guests, or tables that dwarf the surrounding chairs.

How many chairs do you need? 

Have a good look at your table and think about how many people can be seated comfortably around its circumference. Trying to fit in too many chairs can create a crowded, untidy look, whereas too few seats around a large dining table can look unbalanced and awkward. 

If you love to host people at your house want to avoid being short of seats, it's worth considering purchasing additional dining chairs in Perth that can be kept elsewhere until they’re needed. This can work as both a practical measure, and a means of continuing your chosen aesthetic throughout your home. 

Remember the smaller details 

While it’s easy to get distracted by the enviable patterns and luxurious materials when browsing our stunning range of dining chairs in Malaga, always remember to take into account the key practical details.

Choosing between armless chairs or those with comfortable arms is another important decision, as this can make or break your chosen interior design style, as well as impact the look and feel of a more compact room by taking up too much space.

While colour and style are vital components for your decision-making process, be sure to take materials into account. For example, if you’re set on purchasing timber chairs like the beautiful Clarkson dining chair , look for a type that compliments the surrounding space, and think about finishes and stains that work for the table in question. 

Consider functionality 

Like any great furniture purchase, it's imperative to determine what its main use is, allowing both functionality and style to come into play, ensuring a long-lasting investment that’s used for its intended purpose. Choose a range of chairs that work throughout your entire home, allowing them to be placed in other rooms without interruption to the surrounding interior design.

Remember dining chairs in O’Connor can be used in other areas of the home, whether it be as additional seating or as a resting place until they are required in the dining room. Comfortable yet attractive chairs like the stunning Domus dining chair are a great adaptable choice. 

Choose reliable materials

Finding quality materials is an essential part of picking out the best furniture for your home. As well as offering stunning visual appeal, they will be able to withstand regular use and last for years to come without losing their beautiful look.

If you have pets or children in the home, it's worth looking for sturdy designs with durable finishes to allow for easy clean-ups and minimal wear and tear. Chic, practical styles like the Bedford dining chairs in Malaga offer both comfort and a beautiful-yet-durable design.

Find unique dining chairs in Perth

Hollywood Interiors are a leading reputable supplier of quality furniture and interior design goods. With a focus on luxury and a fixation of premium quality materials, there’s nowhere else in Perth with such a unique range of stunning furniture that's guaranteed to give your home that much needed uplift.

Contact us today with any queries around purchasing dining chairs in Cockburn, O'Connor or Malaga. Come and explore our extensive range in person – we have three showrooms conveniently located across Perth. Whether it’s our Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga store, there’s a Hollywood Interiors location near you!