How to Style Your Interiors with the Right Pendant Lighting

Well-placed lighting is not only an important part of interior decoration, but a vital means of creating atmosphere in your home. Pendant lights are a fantastic source of stylish and complimentary lighting, thanks to their ability to act as chic-and-illuminating source of brilliance. 

Light up your home literally and figuratively by incorporating stunning pendant lights in Perth, whether your style suits individual statement lighting or glamorous clustered displays.. The key to introducing pendant lighting is working with the space you have, and choosing the right design approach to uplift and enhance your interiors.

Learn about how to find the right pendant light for your home, and how they can bring both character and comfort to any space.

The power of great pendant lights in Perth 

Glittering lights have a magical ability to introduce both glamour and soft warmth, with a pendant light has proven itself to be the perfect source. Pendant lighting is a light fixture hung from the ceiling with a single lightbulb inside, directing the brightness and creating oodles of atmosphere.

With so many options to choose from for stunning pendant lights, it is easy to incorporate these beautiful fixtures into any space in your house, whether you prefer a dramatic, stylish feel or a cosy and welcoming approach. 

From positioning single pendants over the dining table to lining a row of similarly designed lights along a corridor, there are unlimited possibilities for where to place pendant lights and how exactly to brighten any room. 

First step: gather inspiration

The initial phase of choosing the right pendant lights in Malaga for your home and interior design style is finding multiple sources of inspiration. From browsing on Instagram to hunting through Pinterest, there are many valuable supplies of visual inspiration. Each one helps you determine what you like, what you don't, and whether your chosen design approach is cohesive and complimentary,

Positioning images next to others allows you to see how the final version could look when brought to life, visualising neighbouring influences as well as scale and placement. Once you have determined your desired effect, you can start looking at Hollywood Interiors' vast selection of pendant lighting to find the perfect option for your home. 

Consider scale 

When it comes to lighting design, and creating a smooth interaction with the surrounding space, remember that it's ok to go big. Whether this means using physically large pendants, multiple individual pendants, or chic chandelier-like designs, the results are stunning and inviting.

Large scale pendants like the Titan Square Pendant Light bring an exciting sense of fun, through an oversized design and unique colouring. Impressive designs such as the Decaro 8 Light are a great option for pendant lights in Osborne Park, especially those with high ceilings and a penchant for glamour. 

Those with smaller spaces or more compact rooms can still utilise scale as a powerful design tool, with flat formats like the Barlow pendant in black offering chic contemporary style in a neat setup.

Find the ideal lighting temperature 

The style and aesthetic of lighting you choose for your home will greatly affect the light temperature of the space. Lighting temperature means the colour and tone of the brightness created from your pendant lights in Perth, and how they have the power to set the feel of your entire property.


Determining the best temperature of lighting will depend on how you want to feel in the space. Should you want to feel calm and comfortable, the soothing light from the Rafael 3 light bar pendant is ideal.

Those looking for a brighter, more inspirational vibe will love the chic Amar LED pendant, or those looking to set a contemporary tone that retains a welcoming feel tend to fall in love with the Fallon Industrial Glass Pendant Brushed Chrome design. 

Use stylish metallics

The introduction of texture and tone from quality pendant lights is one of their best features. Choosing styles with gold, copper, chrome, and bronze finishing and/or detailing is a brilliant way to enhance the existing beauty of your lighting designs, with stunning reflections of light and a glowing sense of luxury introduced to the space. 

Browse online for chic metallic pendant lights in Malaga with Hollywood Interiors, and choose styles that compliment your existing interior decor and accompanying colour schemes. Eye-catching designs like the Matrix Pendant with gold details are ideal for contemporary homes, or the glowing Spectrum LED Pendant brings industrial style into the modern age. 

Glamour is unmatched when it comes to the vibrant gold Peyton 3 Ring Pendant, while the antique brass finish on the Lazlo Pendant is incredibly flattering for both classic and vintage inspired decors as well as more contemporary homes.

Mixing magic

One of the best tips for effectively utilising the fashionable power of beautiful pendant lighting is to mix pendants together. Ideally a cluster of chic pendant lights would be hung in a group but at differing heights, creating a bundle of attractive light sources that produces a warm, glowing effect.

Those looking for a contemporary finish when installing pendant lights in Osborne Park will appreciate the beauty of combining a select few lights together in a small bundle; consider the Olympia Pendant, the Saigon design, the Odessa Pendant, and Ava Pendant lights. Coordinating the styles seamlessly based on colour and finish works to create a stylish, mixed lighting cluster.

Finding unique pendant lights in Malaga

Hollywood Interiors are the provider of choice for homewares and furniture for many Perth residents, thanks to an ideally curated selection or original designs made from quality materials. When it comes to finding premium pendant lights in Osborne Park and Malaga, no one offers the unique style and glamorous finishing touches supplied for the interior specialists at Hollywood Interiors.

Browse our extensive range of pendant lights online now and find the perfect fit for your stunning home, or contact us today to discuss any queries or custom requirements you may need.