How to use and style console table

Interior design is all about personality. From colour to composition, each piece of furniture speaks volumes about your personal taste and chic style. One small addition that makes a huge impact is a console table, offering maximum decor enhancement within one sophisticated accent piece.

With a wide array of styles and formats on offer, the right console table can work almost anywhere you need it to. In honour of this versatile table, Hollywood Interiors has used their interior know-how and creative prowess to create this ultimate guide, from where to place them to styling one for your home!

Benefits of a stunning console

While a classic console table in Perth is typically found in halls and entranceways, the options are endless. Thanks to a subtle fit and practical functionality, a beautiful console can work as a complementary addition to almost any room in the home, especially when choosing from an impressive array of styles and designs from Hollywood Interiors to suit any decor.

The narrow size and typically slim proportions makes any wood or glass console table in Perth an adaptable accent piece; whether you’re looking for additional storage, a location for art or a mirror, or a chic table to place in a narrow hallway.

Where to put a console table

There are many options of where to put a console table in Perth, given the seemingly unlimited ways it can be utilised for either practical or display purposes. From mirrored styles like the stunning Vienna Console, to chic buffets with multiple drawers such as the Sotola Buffet, it’s the perfect way to add unique style and personality to your living spaces.

Entrance way

The beauty of a console table in hallways is their narrow fit, helping to make the most of the elongated space, without feeling cluttered. A gorgeous decorative style like the Sophina Mirrored Console is the perfect way to greet guests to your home while acting as a great place to leave letters and keys as you come and go from the house. 

Dining Room

With many dining spaces overwhelmed by a large dining table, a chic console can be the perfect way to complete the space without taking up room. Shelved consoles like the Gineva Buffet can work as a great alternative to large cabinets or dressers, providing space for displays as well as storage.


Given the amount of time spent in our bedrooms, it’s worthwhile decorating it properly. Whether you choose a neat glass console table in Perth like the Omni Mirrored Console to use as a bedside table, or add a mirror and chair to convert a style such as the Mezzo Mirrored Console into a glamorous beauty space, a console table in the bedroom is a highly practical, stylish addition. 


Any bathroom with ample space can benefit from a console. From stacked towels and soaps to beauty products or decorative flowers, there are so many items in this room that could be either displayed or stored on a stylish console table, like the neat Domus Buffet.


One practical way to add extra surface space to a kitchen is with a stylish console. Storage spaces for baskets, wine, and much more are always needed in a busy kitchen, as well as additional work surfaces and drawers for napkins or cutlery. Designs with multiple drawers like the Oracle Buffet Unit are ideal, providing aesthetic appeal with useful storage.


Many homes don’t have an entire space to dedicate to a home office, but with the right console table it's possible to convert a small nook into a productive work corner. Tables with space for a chair underneath like the Savoy Mirrored Console can become an inviting desk, served in a stylish format. 


While hallways are a common location for console tables, let's not forget about those wall recesses and alcoves. Any empty corner can be livened up immediately with a stunning design like the Crawley Mirrored Console, with the reflective surface and the addition of a lamp easily transforming a previously dark alcove into a stylish interior design focus. 

How to decorate a console table in Perth

Once you have determined the perfect location for your new console table, it's time to decide on how to decorate it. Placed correctly, a console can become a design centrepiece, but it will need the right details to prevent its bare surface from becoming an eyesore, and a key location for clutter!

Focusing on elegant styling tips can help create a chic, inviting space, while incorporating your own personal taste and individual look.

An eye-catching centrepiece

Placing your console in the centre of the wall is a sure-fire way to create an elegant focal point. Add decorative elements to ground the table, whether this is a mirror or framed photos. Symmetry tends to work well with centred pieces, so placing a lamp on either side or one large item in the middle creates an appealing display.

Decorative appeal

Basing a larger display around a chic console table creates a visually appealing look, partially in hallways or living areas. Place a trio of baskets or a plant beside the table for an inviting look, or add a floor lamp next to a glass console table in Perth like the Infinity Mirrored Console for an inviting, glowing look.

Organic simplicity

For home decor centred around neutral tones and rustic materials, an organic style can be created using simple displays made of natural products. A couple of coloured glass bottles or old books would look perfect on a wooden table like the Loren Marble Top Console or Buffet style, with a beautiful plant acting as the finishing touch. 

Find a unique console table in Perth

Hollywood Interiors is an unbeatable source of chic furniture and original homewares, providing luxurious items unlike anything else found in WA. With a focus on stunning designs made from premium materials, each style in the expansive range has been handpicked for its leading quality and style.

Browse our range of beautiful consoles online now, from cool marble designs to gorgeous glass console tables in Perth, or contact us today with any queries.