Master Bedroom Furniture Trends 2022

Imagine coming home from a long, tiring day and not having an inviting bedroom to go straight into… No thanks! The master bedroom is at the centre of the home, whether you live alone or have a crowd of little ones jumping on your king-sized bed.

Any bedroom should be a haven of relaxation, where rest is gained, and stress is forgotten. Feeling safe and secure in your own private space is a must, and only by surrounding yourself with décor that you find beautiful, and comforting can this be achieved.

If you love to keep up with the latest trends, or are simply looking for inspiration for new bedroom furniture in Perth, you’ve come to the right place. Stylish designs and contemporary style tips can be found below!

The beauty of quality bedroom furniture in Perth

When it comes to making your home look good, there are multiple benefits. Sure, we all want our friends and visitors to like our style and feel at home, but key rooms like the master bedroom should be decorated for your approval alone.

An inviting space with a comfortable bed cannot be contended with; why do you think we all love a fancy hotel stay so much? The following bedroom trends for 2022 can help you create a sophisticated yet welcoming setup that allows you to update your sleep zone to a stylish, yet practical and relaxing space.

Multifunctional furniture

Making the most of your space is a worthwhile endeavour, as it serves to add functionality with smart designs that feel sleek and organised. The past few years have made many of us rethink our master bedrooms, with make-shift offices and craft corners popping up in a multitude of spaces.

Multifunctional furniture is the gateway to a cohesive, productive space. Whether it offers heaps of storage, like the Liberty bed side table in Perth, or is perfect for multiple uses like the Onyx dressing table (or desk), you save space while getting more from your investment.

Colour drenching 

A key trend for 2022 is making colour a focal point. Known as colour drenching, this technique involves purchasing multiple items of the same colour for placement throughout the room or painting many sections with the same colour paint.

For example, painting many surfaces - from doors and window frames, to skirting and radiators - the same colour, or varying tones, of one colour, results in an impactful and sophisticated look.

Similarly, purchasing multiple pieces of furniture in the same colour or material provides a cohesive feel, especially when it coordinates with other colours within the room. A mirrored look like the enviable Onyx mirrored bed frames in Perth works well with a space full of silver accents, creating an encompassing space that feels connected.

Parisian style

From fashion to interiors, the French have been impressive influences of style for ions. As the tables start to turn again to history for contemporary inspiration, the chic style of Parisian culture has begun to make a resurgence in bedroom furniture styles

While you may feel adverse to Breton stripes, rest assured there are many more subtle Parisian-influenced items available for bedroom furniture in Perth. Stunning designs like the beautiful Sammy Gold Trifold Mirror and Drawer ooze old world glamour, and the understated charm of the Parisian dressing table and bedside table in Perth hint of both classic and modern touches.

Vintage inspired luxury

While you may not feel the need for a master bedroom fully kitted out in 18th century opulence, including hints of vintage details and luxurious fabrics has become an increasingly popular trend for 2022. 

Contemporary furniture design has long been influenced by the best of vintage designs, but opting for pieces that more clearly hark of glamourous eras gone by is a sure fire way to enhance a bedroom’s inviting nature. 

Uniquely designed beds such as the Donna bed frame ooze comfort and luxury, while the Geneva bed side table in Perth is a chic, vintage inspired design that offers an original touch and inviting tactile feel to any modern master bedroom.

Statement beds and headboards

Minimalism has been a central trend for the past few years, and while we can all appreciate the calmness of a subdued room, the joy of elaborate designs and luscious fabrics cannot be outdone - at least according to the team at Hollywood Interiors!

Muted settings can work well in shared living spaces, but your master bedroom should spell comfort and inviting luxury, and choosing the right bed frames in Perth are the ultimate way to achieve this. 

Statement bed frames like the Monique king bed impress with an oversized headboard and chic design, while the glamorous feel of the Parisian bed frame is both uniquely eye catching and completely enticing.

Maximalism - a lesson in personality

While the term maximalism may suggest a cluttered space, or walls full of mis-matching art, the key word here is ‘curated’. This idea of creating your own private world, designed to suit your tastes alone, in an over-the-top, no-holds-barred manner is exactly what your master bedroom needs, and deserves!

Focusing on buckets of personality alongside key inclusions of statement pieces, decorating your bedroom with maximalism in mind is not only fun, but creates incredibly rich and inviting results.

The stunning Blanco chest of drawers is perfect for those with glamourous tastes, and matching it with the Blanco dresser with drawers works to elevate the simplest space. Anyone looking for a statement piece to maximise their bedroom will love the chic black and gold Mendez dresser, and the Donna bed frames in Perth sure know how to pack a punch.

Stunning bedroom furniture from Hollywood Interiors

For chic and unique bedroom furniture, the extensive range at Hollywood Interiors provides original style in incredibly well-made designs. With a focus on quality pieces unlike anything else found in Perth, each piece of furniture is both practical and invitingly luxurious.

Browse our range online now, find a store near you, or contact us today to discuss any queries you may have about your stunning line of bedroom furniture.