Taking Your Look to New Heights with Bar stools



Bring a bit of flair to your home decor, with the addition of stylish bar stools. No, not the kind you see down the local pub, rather the type you’ve admired in that fancy cocktail bar or swanky hotel!

Regardless of what type of countertop or kitchen island you have in your home, bar stools work amazingly as additional seating as well as eye-catching design elements. We’re all guilty of leaning down on the kitchen counter to chat or check our phones, but with a couple of bar stools you can easily sit in comfort and make the most of your kitchen space.

Benefits of a bar stool (or 4!)

While it can be really rewarding to plan the interior design of your home to a T, sometimes this results in a stuffy feel with not enough personality. Adding bar stools beside a countertop adds complementary balance to the space through differing elements of height, while creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere your friends and family will love.

We all love to hang about the kitchen; whether you’re chatting to your partner as they cook dinner or lingering on a cup of tea (while watching online videos), there’s always a reason to perch on your new Perth bar stool and relax in the cosiest room in the house.

Consider design styles

In order to accommodate all potential users of your new bar stools Perth, consideration needs to be put towards the clearance space between the counter and the seat. Adjustable bar stools, Malaga, where the height can be changed to suit the user, are perfect for almost all countertops.

All carefully chosen bar stools in our extensive range at Hollywood Interiors is height-adjustable, removing the need to take measurements to determine the ideal bar stool height for your home. If you ever do need to determine the desired chair height, simply subtract the clearance between counter and seat (leg room space) from the actual counter height.

Quality bar stools Perth

Now, let's focus on finding the perfect look to match your existing interior design feel! With an extensive range of premium quality bar stools, O’Conner, Hollywood Interiors has something for everyone. For ultimate comfort, consider a luxurious Trisha bar stool, or for those who love a retro feel the Ronson bar stool brings a cool, stylish touch to any home.

Be sure to invest in quality products that will go the distance. Trends will pass, but a well built bar stool created from quality materials will last you for years to come. Remember a key way to add longevity to a great bar stool is to refurbish the seat padding and material when the time comes.

Your dream home with Hollywood Interiors

When it comes to finding Australian customers the best interior products, with all the flair and none of the hassle, no one does it better then Hollywood Interiors. We pride ourselves on keeping a top level of quality across our range of unique, exclusive home furnishings including bar stools.

If you want to find out more about our extensive range of gorgeous bar stools Perth, get in touch today and speak to a knowledgeable team member with any queries you might have.