The Importance of Rugs & How to Use Them

Just like a beautiful painting or a decorative vase, an attractive rug is a fantastic accessory for any room in the house. Gorgeous rugs in Perth can liven up a room with a splash of colour, bring a corridor space together, or add a welcoming, tactile feel of comfort to your sitting room.

Unlike works of art, a well-made rug also has many practical advantages as well as simply having aesthetic value. When decorating or redesigning a space, a luscious rug can serve as the perfect accompaniment to your carefully chosen furniture, while simultaneously blocking sound, boosting warmth, and enhancing harmony.

Here are some of the key benefits of rugs, and why they shouldn't be left on the sidelines when interior decorating. 

The inherent value of a great rug

Choosing the right rug for your home is absolutely an investment, with luxurious fabrics and detailed designs created to last for decades. To make a house a home, inviting items with a luxe feel are essential, adding character and depth to an otherwise basic room.

Beautiful floor rugs in Perth have an impressive ability to carry out multiple tasks at once, from enhancing your chosen aesthetic and colour scheme, to acting as a design tool to showcase focal points and unique styles. Not to mention the snug atmosphere they create!

Anchor your space

The core advantage of a rug is its placement. By acting as a floor covering a great rug occupies a typically vacant space filled by timber, tiles, or stone. This enables the rug to act as an anchor for the room, grounding the space and bringing all key elements together in a smooth, cohesive manner.

Well-chosen floor rugs in Malaga like the chic Winchester Rug offer a feel of homely comfort, acting as a warm accessory for the surrounding furniture. Living spaces can feel cold without enough items to fill the space, but a suitable rug makes it feel balanced and restful. Feng-shui practices even describe the soft surface of rugs as a calming means to slow down energy and be in the moment.

Comfort and warmth

The obvious benefit of choosing premium quality floor rugs in Osborne Park is the cosy, comfortable feel they bring to your home. Unlike common flooring like tiles, marble, or hardwood, a soft rug provides a gentle material to walk on that alleviates pressure and immediately begins to reduce any feeling of stress your feet may have after a long day at work.

Quality rugs don’t just look and feel good (even improving your posture!), they actively work to keep heat within a room, making it feel incredibly snug and homey in those colder months. Just looking at the Hugger Rugger in black and white makes you feel warmer!

Don’t suffer walking on those cold floors in winter mornings, rather position soft rugs in key walking areas to enjoy a luxurious feel and a warmer home. Multiple rugs can offer significant insulation, reducing heating costs over time.

Wooden floor protection

There has been a resurgence in recent years of installing hardwood flooring throughout our homes here in Australia, and the gorgeous natural materials and classic look make it easy to see why. However, while wooden floors may be beautiful to look at, they can be quite expensive as well as prone to damage.

Looking after your wood floors with regular maintenance and sealing is essential, but one easy way to reduce the impact on floors in high traffic areas is covering them with rugs in Perth. From entrances and hallways, to bedrooms and living spaces, a quality design like the gorgeous Morocco Rug will protect your floors, while adding immense comfort underfoot.

Interior cohesion

Whether you like a seamless, minimal style or a vivid space full of clashing furniture, the addition of stunning floor rugs in Perth is a sure fire way to bring a room together and allow each individual item to work as a complete interior design vision.

Filling the floor space not only provides your room with a cohesive, intimate feel, it can serve as a visual pathway throughout the home. Placing similar rugs, or those with matching patterns like the beautiful Origami Rug, in various walkways and rooms provides a natural flow to a property, unifying the entire space in a smooth, harmonious manner.

Sound reduction

A key practical element offered by quality floor Rugs in Osborne Park is their ability to minimise noise and reduce sound interference from inside the home. Thicker, larger rugs like the Trivago Rug can even help muffle sound from other areas, by preventing echoes and acting as a sound barrier.

Whether you have a busy house full of children or a roommate or two, well placed rugs will soften the noises made by other people moving around the home, especially anyone in hard shoes or high heels. The noise from tapping feet can become irritating over time, so create a softer floor that insulates both heat and sound in the form of a luxurious rug.

How to best use a rug

From making a room look great to absorbing sound, premium floor rugs in Perth have a lot to offer. With so many styles, colours, patterns, and materials available, there is a stunning option available in Hollywood Interiors' range of floor rugs in Malaga. Here a few key tips to using your beautiful new rug to the best of its abilities:

  • Choose complimentary, not necessarily matching, rugs for a space
  • Laying multiple rugs in angular positions to one another divides up a space, adding variety and a sense of creative cohesion
  • Choose complimentary colour rugs to your existing colour scheme
  • A splash of colour or texture from a rug makes it a great focal point for any simple room
  • Consider the layout of the pace, and try varying shapes of rugs to see which design best suits the room

Stunning rugs in Perth from Hollywood Interiors

Hollywood Interiors are experts in quality and luxury, offering uniquely beautiful pieces of furniture, rugs, and accessories to enhance the interior design of your home. 

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