Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed or Bed Frame

With the typical person spending a third of their lives asleep, it’s no wonder choosing the right bed can be a transformative life decision! Many of us tend to stretch out those comfy hours in bed to encompass a lot more than just sleeping (Netflix and chill anyone?!), making a reliable bed frame a valuable long-term investment.

Read on to discover key considerations to make when selecting a new bed or bed frame - from practical elements to tasteful designs - and how it can reduce stress and improve your peace of mind.

Why invest in quality bedframes in Perth

A great sleep benefits not only your overall happiness but your physical and mental well-being day to day. Choosing premium bedframes in Perth means acquiring the right tools and dependable base on which to capture that all-important nightly snooze fest.

Deciding on a budget bed can have real-world repercussions, from neck pain and back aches to anxiety and exhaustion. By investing in a quality bed frame made from durable materials, you’re not only saving yourself money in the long run but ensuring you have the energy to tackle every day in peak condition. 

A suitable size

The first thing to take into consideration when browsing stunning bedframes in Malaga is whether they will actually fit into your bedroom. It can be tempting to jump at an epic King size bed, but you may regret your decision later when it overpowers the space.

An idyllic bed should be inviting, balanced, and peaceful, so determining the most suitable size bed is key to creating the relaxing environment you need. Measure your available space and jot down the exact specifications and take into consideration the required space for bedside tables, ottomans, or nearby dressers. 

Make sure you’ll have enough of a gap to move comfortably throughout the room, and don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Hollywood Interiors for advice if you’re still unsure on the ideal size for your bedroom. 

King or Queen?

Selecting your bed frame and matter means choosing between wide-ranging options; from singles, long singles, and doubles, to Queens, Kings, and even Super King sizes! Knowing the exact size to fit neatly into your space is essential before investing in durable bedframes in Osborne Park that you want to own for years to come. 

With so many stunning options available from unique furniture suppliers like Hollywood Interiors, the most popular options today are King and Queen size beds - like the glamorous and comfortable Tiffany Bed Frame available in both options. Be sure to choose one that suits both you and your partner and caters to the available space within the bedroom. 

The right height for you

To create a comfortable bed for you to climb in and out off, you need to choose a frame that’s at a suitable height for your needs. The purpose of a bedframe is not just that it adds style and structure to your bedroom, but that the mattress is lifted off the ground, making it easier and more practical to get onto.

When browsing through beautiful bedframes in Malaga from Hollywood Interiors, take into account your age, height, and any relevant health conditions that may impact your ability to easily access the bed on a daily basis. Browse beds in person and try sitting on the edge; if your knees fall lower than your hips it's likely too high for your needs. 

Ideal bed-head material

For ultimate comfort and style, consider which material and design your bedhead should be. Attractive bedframes in Osborne Park, Cockburn and Malaga come in a range of designs to suit varied interior tastes, from minimal metal frames to opulent fabrics or eco-leather. 

A luxurious bedframe with cushioned upholstered fabric is perfect for those who love to read or lounge in bed, like the invitingly soft Donna King Bed Frame. Given how much time some of us (ahem, most of us) like to spend relaxing in bed, it’s worthwhile choosing a comfortable bedhead you’ll love to rest on. 

Consider the slats

It can be easy to get carried away by the external look and feel of inviting mattresses and bedframes in Perth but don’t neglect the undercarriage. Choosing well-made bedframes is essential to a long-lasting investment, with cheaper options often lacking the right amount of supportive slats for your mattress to go the distance. 

The closer the slats, the sturdier the support systems, making this one of the few cases where quantity can be just as important as quality. Too few slats can mean your mattress will sag over time, reducing its comfort level and almost guaranteeing it will need replacing before its supposed lifespan is up. 

Opt for slats no less than 2.5 inches apart and upwards of 40 slats, ensuring your mattress - and its warranty! - go the distance.

Storage or no storage?

One of the great benefits of choosing premium bedframes in Osborne Park, Cockburn or Malaga is the added storage. Whether you have a cosy space or simply love having extra room for that epic show collection, in-built storage drawers can be an amazingly practical inclusion for a stylish new bed. 

For those who don’t like the bulkiness of a floor-up bed frame, lighter designs like the chic Liberty Mirrored Bed Frame offer plenty of room for under-bed storage that's out of sight, and therefore out of mind. Perfect for busy families or apartment living!

Find premium bedframes in Malaga, Cockburn, and Osborne Park

Hollywood Interiors are experts on luxury and quality, operating as leading suppliers of unique bedframes and stunning beds sourced from all around the world. 

Whether you love opulent furniture or can’t seem to find original furniture here in Perth, Hollywood Interiors has an impressive selection of exclusive bedframe designs. From slick contemporary styles to vintage-inspired looks, each unique bed is designed by furniture experts, and made from premium materials.

Browse our wide range of bedframes in Perth online now, or visit Hollywood interiors in Cockburn, Osborne Park or Malaga to choose your dream bed in person today.