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Small furniture for little ones is about more than just looking cute; above all, it should serve the purpose of being safe…there’ll be no climbing up onto the barstools when there’s a Minnie Mouse or Spiderman chair to get comfy on! Lightweight yet sturdy, our children’s chairs are easy to pick up and move, but won’t fall over or get damaged during playtime. Easy to clean too, thanks to hardwearing materials like PU leather.

Our kids’ chairs have also been designed with novelty in mind - so that you can choose a chair that your little one will feel was made for them. Be it a soccer ball swivel chair or a ‘velvet look’ pink princess chair, there’s something for every child here. If you don’t want to take away from a ‘formal look’ living room, we also offer a stylish black and white kids’ swivel chair. Perfect for the playroom, lounge room or bedroom, our children’s chairs add character, colour and fun to the home.


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