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Choosing new furniture for your home can be one of the most complicated parts of moving. Not only do you need something to suit your style and taste, but also your budget. It can be tricky to balance stylistic preferences with functionality. Plus, for those who already own some pieces of furniture, completing the set while keeping in one look or style can be difficult to navigate.

Hollywood Lighting is here to help though. Whether you’re looking to outfit an entire house, replace some old pieces or find some additional furniture that matches the existing look of your house, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at both our Malaga furniture store and O’Connor furniture store can assist you through the decision making process.

We have styles from lounge suites to novelty items to complete every room in your house.

The living room is the most popular and social room in many houses. For most people, this calls for practical and comfortable pieces. Many of our customers with young families will fill their living room with durable pieces, built to stand the test of time. Living rooms also vary greatly in size from house to house, so we’ll be able to help you select a series of pieces that make the very most of the space you have.

The dining room on the other hand is often home to a more traditional or formal style. A good place to start in considering what sort of furniture to select for your dining room is what exactly you’ll be using the room for. Will you be entertaining large dinner parties? Or more family sit down meals? Having a rough idea of how your room will be used will help you in choosing the best furniture.

There are many styles that have become popular in houses around Australia in recent years. The three most prominent are a contemporary style, modern style or traditional style. Each has its own unique look and character and adds a distinct feel to your home. Upon hearing the terms modern and contemporary they may sound similar, in reality though they provide very different looks. A modern look tends to be more structured and follow rules of spacing and patterns. A contemporary look on the other hand favourers more combining of textures and patterns.

A traditional style holds a different meaning for different people. However for the most part it refers to an item that looks like it’s from the “old-world”, often with a handcrafted look or using darker wood tones.

While the look of furniture and the prospect of how it will look in a new house or space is always exciting, it’s important to remember to check on the functionality of any new pieces you’re wanting to purchase. For example, make sure you take the time to check things like opening doorways, floor plans and measurements.

Holllywood Lighting can help take the stress out of these big decisions. We are experts in the industry and can help tailer your furniture to your individual needs. Our extensive range of traditional and more unique furniture is sure to suit all tastes, budgets and needs.

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